What’s a Flashpoint?

There are several definitions available, but they revolve around the idea of a catalyst or agent causing significant action or creation of something. Since we are looking at Christian faith and the creative process, our usage will look like this:

Flashpoint is the point or stage at which the creative process causes a new work to come into reality. Since all creation is a reflection of the creativity found in the Triune Godhead, it is logical to say that the Holy Spirit is involved at that flashpoint. Does that mean that God is responsible for inspiring everything produced, regardless of content, intent, etc.? No. It simply means that we, as humans, create because we were created. The process reflects God and His glory. Even as we create using elements related to whatever media is involved, we reflect God creating first from nothing, and later from elements which were a result of the first creation. For more, read Mind of the Maker by Dorothy Sayers.

To that end, we want to investigate these things by:

-Asking artists who profess Christ how their participation in creative processes reflects Christ

-Asking artists who don’t necessarily or who overtly deny Christ about how they create

-To present the artist in the best/most truthful way.

-To evaluate products based on content and quality. We want to look for ways in which works convey truth- even if that truth is negative.

-To provide a place where artists can discuss these things as safely as possible in a public forum. Discussion is welcome, abuse is prohibited.

I’m not an industry insider. I owe no one any allegiance and they owe me none. Any interviews here are simply because I asked for them. Reviews here are because I found a project that I felt deserved some attention in some way. The opinions are mine alone. Some will undoubtedly change as time moves along. When that happens, I hope I am humble enough to admit error and give credit where due for my redirection.

Jeff Miller,


Flashpoint Arts Initiative

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