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This Friday night, November 4, Claire Lynch and the Claire Lynch Band will be in Tuscaloosa,AL at the venerable Bama Theatre. Show and ticket information is available at or

Claire Lynch was born in New York state but spent a lot of years in Northern Alabama and we are happy to claim her as our own. For some 40 years, her songs of the joys and pains of life have been a beautiful thread in the tapestry of Bluegrass/acoustic music of the Southern US. Claire’s phrasing and clear tone are all her own and cause her songs to hang with us long after the music ends.

Many of you are already familiar with Claire Lynch, even going back to the Front Porch Band and even Hickory Wind days. For those who want an intro, she is a multi year winner of the IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year award as well as other awards, including the prestigious USA Walker Fellowship Award in 2012. Her voice and her songs have also graced the projects of many other artists including Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, Alison Brown and Patty Loveless. The Claire Lynch Band is a crackerjack group comprised of Lynch on guitar, Jarrod Walker on mandolin, Bryan McDowell on fiddle and Mark Schatz on bass. The collaborations listed in their collective bios read like a who’s who list of Bluegrass and acoustic music. You can check them out here.

Her current CD is called North by SouthIt is a collection of songs by Canadian writers done in Lynch’s distinctive Southern style. It is also thoroughly wonderful. Here is the official video for the song Molly May from that CD:

You may also find the story of the song Dear Sister (written with Louisa Branscomb) interesting.

More video/audio samples are available here.

So, if you enjoy well crafted songs, beautiful melodies and wonderful acoustic instruments, you will want to be sure to be in Decatur at the Princess Theater on Thursday or at the Bama Theatre in Tuscaloosa this Friday… Or, just come to both!


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