Flashpoint Bluegrass Radio Hits the Air

As mentioned before, Flashpoint is beginning a radio show.
On Monday nights, beginning tomorrow, Oct 3rd, tune into www.worldwidebluegrass.com from 8-11 Eastern & 7-10 Central and you can be a part of Flashpoint Bluegrass Radio. (Yep- that’s THREE hours- which is a change from the original post.)
I’ll be playing some pre bluegrass music, Founding Fathers of Bluegrass, Second Generation & Newgrassers as well as today’s top artists and new discoveries.
I’ll also be doing interviews occasionally and we’ll track through an entire album from time to time.

I’d like to ask you to do the following, if you’re so inclined:

  • Please go and like the Facebook Bluegrass Radio page. Info will be there as well as on this site as we get closer.
  • Listen. Once I hit the air. It’s really about the music
  • If you, or someone you know would like to sponsor the show, it is very inexpensive and very needed. The WWB needs sponsors &/or donations to continue. Streaming royalties are not cheap, so this is really a need to keep Bluegrass music rolling. Please contact me if you’re interested in helping
  • I would also consider taking on some sponsors for the upkeep of the Flashpoint website itself. Everything to this point has been out of pocket and it would be nice to cover minimal costs. Let me know if this is of interest too & we can work something out.
  • Thanks in advance for your support and encouragement.
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