Adios, and Godspeed Glen Campbell



We’re blessed to live at a time when, not only has so much good music been created over the last 80 years which we can enjoy via recordings, but also it continues to be produced today. There is, despite what we may hear on contemporary radio, an overwhelming amount of new releases in many genres which should be enjoyed and internalized. I try to mention such works such whenever I find them. Some of those are CDs that have a few good songs mixed in while an artist tries to find their strong suit. Some are important as much as historical document as they are for the music. Occasionally, there is the CD that has high quality production, wonderful songcrafting by the writers and some form of historical importance. Adios by Glen Campbell is in that last category.

I began this post a couple of weeks ago with the intent being to write words worthy of this project. I have found myself lacking- particularly with today’s news of Glen’s passing. Let me just say that this CD is worthy of your attention for many reasons. If you are unfamiliar with Glen’s work, there is no better place to start. If you are familiar, you will welcome this masterpiece into your musical world.

Carl Jackson made music with Glen for more than a decade and produced Adios. He sat down with me a while back and we discussed the album, Glen’s legacy and impact on Carl’s life and the world. He says it much better than I could hope to.

The interview is in three segments and below is the official video of the title cut: Adios.


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