April, Already?? Oh…ok

April, Already?? Oh...ok

Well… As of last Saturday, the first quarter of 2017 ended. While the speed has been overwhelming, the amount of ground we have covered at Flashpoint so far this year has been pretty wild as well. Perhaps it’s a good time to do a little ‘inventory’ of the year.

In the last three months, each of the following has been on the Flashpoint Bluegrass Radio Show:
Chris Jones, Kristin Scott Benson, Joe Mullins, Darin & Brooke Aldridge, Becky Buller, Ray Cardwell, Irene Kelley, Claire Lynch, Doyle Lawson, Donna Lynn Caskey, Bobby Osborne and Ned Luberecki.

Whew! Look for that feature to continue going forward. Perhaps not every week, but as often as possible, I’ll have guests on the show. Thinking about getting a virtual couch for the interview segment… There is another regular feature which is in the works, but not quite ready for announcement, so stay tuned in May for that.

In addition to hosting Flashpoint Bluegrass Radio, I began hosting Bama Bluegrass in January. That show is different from Flashpoint but very important to the regional Bluegrass community and I’m thankful to be its steward at this time. The last Sat of the month, I have continued the Bluegrass Countdown in the last hour. Also on the second Sat. of the month, I begun doing a featured album or artist in the second hour. I may do some other pieces as the show develops.


The writing side of things has been necessarily slow during this period, but I’m seeking to correct that in the upcoming months. I have a couple of books and several CDs that would make good review subjects and there are snippets of ideas I’ve already begun to write and need attention to finish. There is a recent Nashville trip to discuss and a couple of trips coming up that will provide more fodder.

All of that to say: There is much to come and I look forward to bringing it to you.I’m finding that this site and the attached shows, etc. are being used in some peoples’ lives in unique and encouraging ways. I pray that it remains so and increases.

I would ask the following:

  • Please share the page/show info with your friends and on your social media pages if you like what you see here.
  • Sponsorship spots are always available for the radio shows and even for this website. Contact me if you’re interested in seeing how we can partner on these things

I should be able to take a nap by sometime in late September….Till then, I’ll keep asking questions, playing music and writing about it right here!


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