Bobby Osborne To Visit Flashpoint Radio

Bobby Osborne 2016

On Monday night (3/27/17) it will my distinct pleasure and privilege to welcome Bobby Osborne to the Flashpoint Bluegrass Radio Show. He will join me via phone to talk about all things Bluegrass including his new project Original which releases from Compass Records on March 31.

Bobby and his brother Sonny were around at the beginning of the Bluegrass movement and played with the original makers of the music. Shortly, they took the baton and crafted and bent the music their direction. I’m sure we’ll talk about the past, present and future with Bobby

I’ll likely post the bulk of the interview here on Flashpoint in a while, but I’m sure you’ll want to join me to be a part of this event as it happens. Tune in next Monday night to: 

The show starts at 7 Central and Bobby joins in at 8 Central.

If you’re new to Bluegrass and don’t know Bobby’s name, here are a few things to get you ready:

photo at the top made by Stacie Huckaba (

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