Crazy If You Let It- Thomm Jutz

Thomm Jutz is an excellent guitarist, producer, singer & songwriter. His songs and name have thoroughly peppered the Bluegrass landscape over the last several years.

The 1861 Project recordings (3 Vol), his own recordings and the amazing Mac Wiseman- I Sang the Song project (cowritten with Peter Cooper and Mac Wiseman) in addition to some 70 CDs he produced have earned him a prominent place in the Bluegrass community.

I had the chance to talk with Thomm recently about his brand new CD Crazy If You Let It. This interview aired on Flashpoint Bluegrass Radio on September 25 along with some cuts from the CD. One of those cuts was Confederate Jasmine. Thomm spent a bit of time talking about the origin of that song and I saved that segment for the website. I know you’re going to want to listen to the songs after hearing about them. the project releases October 6 and I will try to post some sound at that time.

Honestly, Thomm describes his intent and the result much better than I could, so I will let the interviews do the talking. Enjoy.


PS: be on the lookout for another post about the new Eric Brace, Peter Cooper and Thomm Jutz project very soon!

Listen to Crossing Over Black Mountain 

and Confederate Jasmine  on Spotify


Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

Confederate Jasmine Background

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