Mac Wiseman: National Treasure

Mac Wiseman: National TreasureMac Wiseman: National Treasure

I don’t have the appropriate flowery speech or capacity to say all that needs to be said about Mac Wiseman. Let me sum it up and say this:

Mac Wiseman is a national and cultural treasure.

I’m unaware of anyone else who has the breadth of knowledge and experience in the recorded music industry. He made his living on the road as a musician, in the office as a record label executive and in both radio stations and recording studios for some 70+ years.

He has known most everyone in the business from Ralph Peer, A.P. and Maybelle Carter and Jimmy Martin to Patsy Cline, John Prine and Woody Herman and most of the stars of today.

Among his other accolades, he is a member of both the Country & Bluegrass Halls of Fame.

His 2015 biography details his story and is well worth the time to read. The concept album based on his life: Mac Wiseman- I Sang the Song is one of the most interesting and important CDs of the last several years. We talked about it

In May, I had the opportunity to sit down with Mac at his home and discuss a wide range of topics. I played the edited interview in four segments on a recent Flashpoint Bluegrass Radio Show (Monday nights, 7-10C,

Below are the segments as played and a link to a Spotify playlist of some of Mac’s music as well as the Mac Wiseman-I Sang the Song CD (which is mentioned a lot in the interview). I hope you enjoy all of it and investigate/remind yourself of Mac’s music and influence on roots music.


Spotify Playlist:





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