Mohavisoul Hometown Blues

Way back in 2017 (about 3 weeks ago, actually), several members of the group MohaviSoul joined me on the air to talk about what they are doing musically these days. More specifically, we talked about their latest CD: Hometown Blues

There is some straight ahead Bluegrass here. There is also a lot of Progressive ‘grass. More than labels and styles, however, this is a study in storytelling and creating music that supports and amplifies those stories.

Rather than retelling what they had to say, I’ve posted the entire interview- complete with music- here below. If you want to know more about the band, sign up on their mailing list or check their tour schedule,please visit their website:

If you haven’t been listening to Flashpoint Bluegrass Radio, this is an example of some of what you’ve been missing. Tune in on Monday nights, 7-10 CST,



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